Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

Redistribution process

The Constitution of Canada requires that federal electoral districts be reviewed after each decennial (10-year) census to reflect changes and movements in Canada's population. The current federal redistribution process began in October 2021. It is led by independent commissions working separately in each province to establish electoral boundaries. The Chief Electoral Officer is tasked with applying the representation formula found in the Constitution to determine the new allocation of seats. Elections Canada is also responsible for providing administrative and technical support to the commissions. More information about Elections Canada's role can be found here.

On June 23, 2022 , Parliament amended the Representation Formula, which determines the number of Members of Parliament (MPs) to be assigned to each province. The new legislation ensures that every province retains, as a minimum, the same number of MPs that it had assigned during the 43rd Parliament elected in 2019. Using the new formula, the Chief Electoral Officer has recalculated how many MPs each province will be assigned. As a result, the province of Quebec will have 78 MPs, instead of the 77 calculated under the previous Representation Formula in October 2021. Due to this change, the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Quebec will have 10 months from the day on which the new calculation of the CEO is published in the Canada Gazette to issue its final report.

The decennial redistribution for the 2020s will exceptionally require two Representation Orders, one for Quebec and another that will cover the other nine provinces. The new electoral districts will apply, for each province, in the first general election held at least seven months after their respective Representation Order is issued.

You can view the maps of the 338 current electoral districts. Note that commissions were not required for Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon, because each territory is a single electoral district.

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