Federal electoral districts redistribution 2022

The role of Elections Canada in the federal redistribution process

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) has specific duties in the federal redistribution process as provided in the Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act. During the process, the CEO must:

  • Calculate the number of House of Commons seats allocated to each province using the population estimates supplied by Statistics Canada and the formula set out in section 51 of the Constitution Act, 1867
  • Provide each commission with the census population numbers and maps showing the distribution of the population in the province
  • Provide administrative and technical support to the commissions (for example: help commissioners to establish offices, provide mapping resources)
  • Prepare, in collaboration with Natural Resources Canada, paper and electronic maps of all electoral districts as described in the commissions' reports as well as the finalized maps once redistribution is completed
  • Prepare a draft representation order
  • Process payment of all expenses related to the redistribution process
  • Act as a liaison between the Speaker of the House of Commons and the electoral boundaries commissions

The CEO does not decide how many House of Commons seats will be allocated to each province. Although the CEO calculates the number of seats allocated to each province, this calculation is merely a mathematical operation over which the CEO exercises no discretionary authority. In addition, the CEO does not decide on whether or how the House of Commons seats are distributed within each province—this decision is the exclusive prerogative of the Electoral Boundaries Commissions.